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Jennifer Allen smiling.

Jennifer Allen

Chef & cookbook author

Jennifer is a retired professional chef and long-time writer. Her writing appears in dozens of publications, and she has two cookbooks, Keto Soup Cookbook and Keto Diabetic Cookbook and Meal Plan. These days, she’s busy in the kitchen, developing recipes for various publications and traveling. You can find all her best recipes at Cook What You Love.

Lisa MarcAurele smiling.

Lisa MarcAurele

Blogger & cookbook author

Lisa is a retired engineer, long-time blogger and the author of Low Carb Yum 5-Ingredient Keto and Low Carb Yum Simple Keto Meals For Beginners. Her latest recipes at Little Bit Recipes are perfect for one or two people. Lisa lives in Connecticut and enjoys taking scenic day trips around New England.

Mandy Applegate smiling.

Mandy Applegate

Food blogger, travel expert

Mandy is the enthusiastic creator of the vegetarian website Splash of Taste; she makes meat-free cooking fun and easy. When Mandy’s not cooking and writing, you’ll find her traveling, exploring countries and cuisines and spending time with her chihuahua.

Robin Donovan smiling.

Robin Donovan

Cookbook author & creator

Robin is the author of more than 40 cookbooks, including the bestselling Campfire Cuisine, Ramen Obsession, and Ramen for Beginners. A food writer, recipe developer and food photographer, she is the creator behind the food blog All Ways Delicious, where she shares easy recipes for the best dishes from around the world.

Zuzana Paar smiling.

Zuzana Paar

Blogger & content creator

Zuzana is the creative force behind her websites Low Carb No Carb, and Best Clean Eating. As a content creator, food recipe developer, blogger and photographer, Zuzana brings diverse skills to the table with a dedication to sharing delicious, healthy recipes and helpful tips with the readers.